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Enter the world of Sir Christov, a heroic knight who sets out to battle the forces of evil by swinging his way through the forest towards the menacing Mechacroc. Battle all types of whacky enemies as you traverse the floors of the forest and swing through the canopies of the trees.

The environment becomes your most trusted ally, especially when you decide to let your friends join in the action; swinging on vines or zooming across the flying fox as a team.

About Strength in Arms

Strength in Arms is a side scrolling platformer developed by Team Hex (new name pending). Strength in Arms was the project Team Hex developed during their final year of their Bachelor's Degrees from RMIT University. As the project wasn't entirely finished when the end of the year came around, the team continued to work on Strength in Arms after University to complete what they started.


Team Hex currently consists of five members, Andrew, Brendan, Georgina, Jason and Scott. The name Hex came about from a 6th team member we had at the start of the project, but had to withdraw for personal reasons. For a while the team operated as Hex-1 but later decided not highlight the loss of a team member. You can read more about the Strength in Arms team over on the team page.


As mentioned earlier, Strength in Arms is side scrolling platformer, it's been developed for PC on the XNA framework. The game focuses on the players ability to grab on to objects as they move through the environment allowing them to navigate the level by swinging from various objects towards the end of the level, with a few enemies along the way for good measure.


Strength in Arms was started in January 2010, version 1.0 was released on February 28th 2011.


Team Hex studied at RMIT from 2008 to 2010, their current status varies.

The Strength in Arms Team

Andrew Besselink - Programmer

Andrew is the teams sole programmer, he has worked all kinds of odd hours to make the game what it is (thus far), and anticipates working many more of those crazy hours in the future. He's crazily dedicated to whatever work he's doing and makes a habit of going to great lengths for something extroadinarily minor.

Brendan Coleiro - Level Designer

Brendan is the level designer; making, tweaking, and devouring levels throughout development of Strength in Arms. He's also created some animated sprites, and worked as a weapon designer and did some enemy concepts during the early stages of development.

Georgina Benedetti - Environmental Artist

Georgina has created the environments in which Sir Christov travels. The platforms, backdrops, and decals were all created by Georgina. She has also done some weapon concepts, and aided with level design during the initial development.

Jason Prentice - Character Designer

Jason is responsible for almost all the enemies and characters in the game. He's worked as the enemy and character designer from the start of development, the only enemy he hasn't been responsible for is the Ghost Bunny. Also created most of the games sound effects.

Scott Battye - Interface/Web Designer

Scott is the interface and website designer, responsible for designing the games menus and the heads up display, as well as designing and developing the website for the game. He's also completed some of the games sound effects, and the music for the game.