SCOTTBATTYE game, web and interface designer

Version 4!

Hey everyone, welcome to the latest version of my personal website, made and released as a bit of a celebration for my successful acceptance into a new course. I know, it was only a little while back I released version 3 which was a completely fixed width version of 2.0 (where 1.0 was my wordpress based blog), but who would I be if I didn't keep changing things up a bit?

Speaking of changes, I've changed from having "Games" and "Websites" in the main navigation to simply have "Database" which then has sub categories of the earlier format (Projects, Games, Websites, and a new addition, Media where videos and other content made in my course will be housed).

I've also added a services page, as I'm looking more seriously at offering myself for design and development. Updated the website guides, added some social buttons to the contact me page (because everyone loves social buttons), and updated my CV.

Check it out, I hope you like it!

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